Facebook Ads - Advanced Tips for Marketers


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Digital Marketing

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Course Summary :

This course will provide you with a set of specific tips that will help you become better at using facebook ads. The tips are:

  1. Use custom audiences effectively
  2. Use stock images within facebook ads
  3. Create an image slideshow
  4. Use the same pixel on multiple websites
  5. Rename campaigns using available fields
  6. Target specific devices
  7. Use Audience Insights

See you on the inside!

Pre-Requisites :

  • A basic understanding of facebook as a social media platform
  • Basic knowledge of how facebook ads work
  • A willingness to learn

Target Audience :

  1. Marketers who want to learn more about facebook ads
  2. People involved with affiliate marketing
  3. People in marketing, trying to get that edge over competitors

Curriculum :

Section 1 - Section 1
      1 : Tip 1 - Custom Audiences
    Section 2 - Section 2
        2 : Tip 2 - Stock Images
      Section 3 - Section 3
          3 : Tip 3 - Image Slideshow.
        Section 4 - Section 4
            4 : Tip 4 - Same Pixel on Multiple Websites
          Section 5 - Section 5
              5 : Tip 5 - Rename Campaigns using Available Fields10:28
            Section 6 - Section 6
                6 : Tip 6 - Target Specific Devices10:20
              Section 7 - Section 7
                  7 : Tip 7 - Audience Insights


Instructor :

Sorin Amzu


I'm a digital marketer in love with content. I enjoy explaining complicated topics and connecting with fellow minded marketers. I started with social-media, wrote a book about facebook in 2011 and soon got hired at a digital marketing agency. There I flourished, learning all about google adwords, facebook ads, conversions, email marketing, etc. It was a stepping stone towards something much bigger, as I soon was working on my own little projects. Over the years, I've felt that I've alway gravited towards helping people. Figuring out what issues or problems they have and finding new ways to improve their lives. Whether this was through my digital marketing or my writing, it's always been a fun activity for me. It wasn't until recently that I finally saw the impact that my words have on people. I decided to take myself much more seriously. I created a blog, pitched to clients and actually got work as a content marketer. I was helping brands spread their brand and get sales, using just my words. That was when I decided to pursue course making as more than a hobby. I started promoting them more, learning more, investing in better equipment and connecting with fellow digital course creators. Now I'm on my way towards my goal of teaching 1 million people around the world about digital marketing.


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