How to make Business Cards like a Pro


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Graphic Design

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Course Summary :

This course will teach you to all you need to know to design a business card:

  • What programs to use (Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw and Microsoft Word)
  • What are the elements of a business card (the bleed, the trim zone, the safe zone and the text zone),
  • What orientation: portrait or landscape.
  • What information you put: the name of Business or Organization, the name of Individual, the job title, the address, the phone number.
  • How you arange the information
  • How you design a business card (how you choose color, fonts, sizes, images, types of business card),
  • How and where you can sell,
  • How to be inspired and promote your work,
  • Tips and tricks in design the business card and more.

The course will introduce you to the terminology and the programs you can use to make business cards. It is a course for beginners but it helps you even if you have an average knowledgeable in graphic design.The course contain: 8 video tutorials (of approximately 30 minutes) and 5 documents with more information for those who want to know more.This course is for you if you want to start designing business cards or you want to improve the way you do business cards

Pre-Requisites :

business cards

Target Audience :

people that starts in graphic design

Curriculum :

Section 1 - Part one - basic information
      1 : Basic Information
    Section 2 - Part two - the 3 elements of a great business card
        2 : The three elements of a great business card
      Section 3 - Part three - Make MONEY from what YOU LEARNED
          3 : Make money from designing business cards
        Section 4 - How to make a business card in Corel Draw, Photoshop or Microsoft Word
            4 : Make a business card in Corel Draw
            5 : Make a business card in Microsoft Word
            6 : Make a business card in Photoshop
          Section 5 - How to make a mockup and other informations
              7 : Make a business card mockup
              8 : Other informations


Instructor :

Andreea Laura Parlafes


Hello, I'm Andreea. A creative graphic designer with passion for art and all for what you create from paper and to print on paper. Enjoy my course that will help you in the journey to became a graphic designer, d.i.y. design and tips to make your work more easy. I've been working as a graphic designer for over two years and I've recently found my passion for teaching online. I have knowledge and experience both in graphics and in psychology, which I try to combine. I look forward to create more courses and engaged with students from all around the world. From my work I did: •"All the time in the world", a set of tables of organization (daily schedule, menus, events, activities, money management, health, goals, etc.) with the help of Corel Draw. • Two sets of coupons of love one with 50 ideas for lovers and another 12 coupons inspired by Fifty Shades of Gray (all in Corel Draw). • I made a set of badges "Family Scout", a set of badges that can help children learn in a fun. • 3 sets of cards with questions: one to help parents begin conversations with the children, one for couples to know each other better and other for friends for fun. • I have an official blog "My virtual friend" where I give advice to couples, parents and young people who want to self-develop. • I made a Christmas-themed font and other things. I have abilities in: PHOTOSHOP, Corel DRAW, Excel, Microsoft Word, POWER POINT, Camtasia , AUDACITY, SEO (BASIC) and if you have questions from this things I can help you. In the future I want to do as many projects and courses to help others with what I know. For more information you can find me on the links available attaché. Thanks and I hope I have not bored you with my biography.


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