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Course Summary :

This is the only course which covers both Salesforce Administration and Programming. This Complete Salesforce Course is for anyone interested in passing the Administrator, App Builder, Sales Cloud or platform Developer 1 Certification exam.

This course contains several hours of video instructions. It covers often confused concepts that can trip you up on the certification Exams, such as the differences between Profiles and Roles, the purpose and use cases for Permission Sets, the different types of Reports and Dashboards, and a lot more.

You don't need any programming experience and you don't need to know anything about Salesforce. You'll learn the ins and outs of point-and-click development, Administration, Coding and Analytics. so, all you need now is an interest in learning Salesforce

This course covers all aspects of Salesforce Development & Administration. You'll learn how to Create App, Objects, Profiles, setting up Security, Workflows, Visualforce page, Apex coding, Triggers , reporting and analytics etc.

The course teaches all these in an effective manner that will aid your learning in the best way.

The demand for Salesforce Developers, Administrators, Consultants, Architects, Business Analysts, Project Managers, etc. is immense. The Salesforce Platform is also an attainable path to developing applications in the cloud, without code. No experience is required. You can do it!

Pre-Requisites :

Salesforce is a Cloud based product. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection. We will walk through signing you up for your own free for lifetime Salesforce account which you can use to practice along the course.

Target Audience :

This course is meant for both, people that are new to the Salesforce Platform and one who have some experience in Salesforce.

Anyone interested in studying for and passing various Salesforce Certification Exams will benefit from this course.

Curriculum :

Section 1 - Salesforce Administration
      1 : Introduction08:08
      2 : Understanding Salesforce Editions02:34
      3 : Typical Salesforce Project Life Cycle11:19
      4 : Creating Application and The First Object04:11
      5 : Custom Fields10:35
      6 : Header Object for Invoice Statement12:09
      7 : Child Object for Invoice Line Items05:58
      8 : Salesforce Relationships09:02
      9 : Roll Up Summary05:18
      10 : Workflow - Automatically Pull Price from Merchandise14:51
      11 : Workflow - Deduct Stock From Inventory08:45
      12 : Validation Rule to verify Stock12:27
      13 : Validation Rules to Make Feild Mandatory09:27
      14 : Validation Rules on Checkbox05:13
      15 : Field Dependencies04:26
      16 : Cross Object Validation Rule06:22
      17 : Record Types and Page Layouts09:32
      18 : Lead Process and Sales Process09:02
      19 : Home Page Layout and Components04:59
    Section 2 - Salesforce Security
        20 : Creating New User06:11
        21 : Enabling Login Access for System Admins01:47
        22 : Profiles Demystified10:12
        23 : Organization Wide Defaults - The Starting Point Start05:20
        24 : Also known as OWD Continued01:53
        25 : Roles05:14
        26 : OWD and Profiles Hands On05:23
        27 : Roles Hands On03:20
        28 : Permission Sets Hands On05:21
      Section 3 - Salesforce Analytics
          29 : Introduction04:19
          30 : Report Builder05:44
          31 : Tabular Report07:33
          32 : Summary Report04:11
          33 : Conditional Highlighting02:34
          34 : Matrix Report03:41
          35 : ParentGroupVal04:20
          36 : Matrix Report Hands On05:23
          37 : Joined Reports06:19
          38 : Custom Report Type10:53
          39 : Scheduling a Report06:33
          40 : Dashboards03:48
          41 : Dashboards Hands On05:25
        Section 4 - Salesforce Programming
            42 : Salesforce Programming Introduction07:02
            43 : Enable Development Mode04:25
            44 : Syntax, Auto Complete and Component Reference05:08
            45 : Global Variables and Formulas05:23
            46 : Standard Controller08:34
            47 : PageBlock, View State and Command Button08:17
            48 : Standard List Controller09:57
            49 : Custom Controller Introduction06:32
            50 : Collections12:34
            51 : Inserting Child Records06:49
            52 : SOSL and GetSobjectType12:29
            53 : Merge Records10:30
            54 : Conditional Rendering of Feilds06:11
            55 : Command Button and Action Function07:53
            56 : Action Status04:47
            57 : Triggers04:56
            58 : Before or After Trigger11:30
            59 : Trigger to Add Custom Error Message06:36
            60 : Trigger to Automatically Insert a Contact05:18
            61 : Trigger to Count Tasks or Events on a Lead15:39
            62 : Trigger to create Parent on insertion of Child Record00:00
            63 : Trigger on Attachment00:00
            64 : How to prevent recursive Trigger00:00
            65 : Trigger to check duplicate records00:00
            66 : Trigger to Count Tasks or Events on a Lead15:39
            67 : Introduction to Writing a Test Class05:36


Instructor :

Prateek Singh


Prateek is a Salesforce Certified Developer, Web Designer, Consultant and Trainer with more than 8 years of Industry Experience. He has more than 6 years of experience in working with and training in Salesforce. He has worked in various verticals of the industry and has great experience in Cloud Computing, Graphic Designing, and Web Designing. After pursuing a career as a corporate and private trainer, running a successful Youtube channel, he decided to teach online.

Prateek ensures that he maintains simplicity even when explaining complex topics. His videos are short, engaging and to the point. Since the learner is his primary focus, he creates every video tutorial with passion, pouring in all his expertise.


Average Rating
 (4 Reviews)


Anurag Pant

posted 11 month before

Excellent course

Excellent course to get started with as a beginner. I was very happy with the short length videos covering the main concepts to practice and remember.Overall it greatly helped me gain good understanding of salesforce and gain confidence.


allada manikanta

posted 6 month before

Very bad explaination

Very bad in explaining the concepts and explanation further complicates, I understood master-child relationship clearly reading docs, rather confusing video here.


Nandani Pandey

posted 5 month before

good course

nicely explained


faryal julia

posted 5 month before

Great way of explaining

Very simple and easy to understand lecture

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