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Course Summary :

Every business typically uses many applications, and not all of them might not have the capability to integrate with each other and work in sync. There could be huge difference between the architecture and even if the architecture is same there could be a difference between there versions which might create issues while integrating them by using out-of-the-box features.

Integrating the different applications used by organization, helps them to achieve better consistency, operational efficiency and quality. Also as per the software development models, each application can have different layers of data, logic, presentation, security etc. and there could be a possibility that you need to integrate each layer separately as well. No matter what kind of integrating applications or software is available in the market, none of them can accomplish the complete integration single-handedly. You will have to take help of custom code to be able to receive the expected results. This course explores everything in great detail covering integration options related to your Salesforce platform and other applications.

Salesforce provides various out-of-the-box features to integrate with other applications by making use of the various native connectors, syndication feeds, various applications available on app exchange etc etc and also supports integration with custom languages such as Java,.net, PHP through the force.com SOAP and REST API.

This course makes your hands dirty in true form by teaching you about various integration points, ways to invoke Web services from the platform, how to expose apex classes as web service etc and much much more.

The course start from very basics of integration and progresses smoothly towards the advanced level and everything in the course is explained step-by-step hands-on wherein each and every line of code is written in front of you. The course comes with lifetime access and all the future additions and updates are free for existing students.

Firstly there is no such integration course available online and if any exists than we assure you that no other course explains these topics so deeply and in such great detail.


Pre-Requisites :

Basic knowledge of Salesforce Programming is required.

Target Audience :

This course is for anyone who is interested to learn about different methods to integrate Salesforce application.


Curriculum :

Section 1 - Introduction
      1 : Introduction01:29
    Section 2 - Webservice Basics
        2 : What is a Webservice01:45
        3 : SOAP03:32
        4 : REST02:23
      Section 3 - Integrating using SOAP
          5 : Types of Integration06:45
          6 : Enterprise or Partner WSDL03:40
          7 : Overview of the complete Process03:13
          8 : Syntax03:06
          9 : Webservice Class05:32
          10 : Authentication Info02:03
          11 : Consuming and Parsing WSDL03:49
          12 : Remote Site Settings03:41
          13 : Building the Connection05:25
          14 : Visualforce Page04:51
          15 : Testing the Connection02:18
          16 : Passing Session Id to Custom Class02:46
          17 : Performing desired Operation10:15
        Section 4 - Integrating using REST
            18 : Introduction01:01
            19 : Download and Configure Eclipse02:17
            20 : Authentication Overview03:04
            21 : Configuring connected App03:49
            22 : Compiling the required info03:20
            23 : Importing the required JAR Files04:30
            24 : Defining Variables02:39
            25 : Building URL03:38
            26 : HTTP Post02:36
            27 : Parsing JSON Response05:35
            28 : Executing the Code03:21


Instructor :

Prateek Singh


Prateek is a Salesforce Certified Developer, Web Designer, Consultant and Trainer with more than 8 years of Industry Experience. He has more than 6 years of experience in working with and training in Salesforce. He has worked in various verticals of the industry and has great experience in Cloud Computing, Graphic Designing, and Web Designing. After pursuing a career as a corporate and private trainer, running a successful Youtube channel, he decided to teach online.

Prateek ensures that he maintains simplicity even when explaining complex topics. His videos are short, engaging and to the point. Since the learner is his primary focus, he creates every video tutorial with passion, pouring in all his expertise.


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posted 6 month before

Very Good

I completed 50% of this course. So far I enjoyed learning. Each concept explained very clearly