Learn Salesforce1 with Real Time Project using Flow and Lightning App Builder

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Course Summary :

Salesforce1 is a unifying, mobile-ready, API-enabled wrapper (10x more APIs for your development pleasure!!) around everything Salesforce.com offers. Salesforce believes that that every new feature must be designed for mobile first (responsive design, features based upon device) and have an API for developers.

Mobile has become the new normal for staying connected in both our personal and professional lives. More and more, we’re living our lives connected to the Internet, but instead of sitting at a desk, we’re connecting on planes, in cabs, in between meetings, in hotels, or even in line for coffee. We follow friends, update status feeds, research local businesses, collaborate with colleagues, email suppliers, and much more—all tasks increasingly performed on the go.

And at the same time, every company is working harder and faster to innovate and stay ahead of the competition. The successful businesses of the future must embrace this mobile-first world and the freedom this mobility provides to get things done, regardless of where you are and what you’re doing.

Salesforce1 solves the problems of lagging innovation and a lack of mobile specialists with a revolutionary approach to app development for the social and mobile-first world. Salesforce1 delivers breakthrough productivity for all users because it puts the customer—employees, partners, consumers, and devices—at the center of everything.

The result is a fast, connected mobile solution with the potential to be as disruptive as Software as a Service.

This course also covers building a Real time Application using Flow and Lightning App Builder. Everything is explained Step by Step in great Detail. Take the course and start building your future Today.


Pre-Requisites :

Salesforce is a Cloud based Platform hence all you need is a Computer with Internet Connection

Target Audience :

This course is for Anyone Looking to Learn Salesforce1.

The course starts from very basic and hence anyone looking to Learn Salesforce1 and build Apps for the cloud can take this course.

Curriculum :

Section 1 - Salesforce1
      1 : Introduction07:32
      2 : Salesforce1 Quick Start Wizard06:59
      3 : Enable Disable Access in Mobile Browser03:40
      4 : Enabling Disabling Notifications06:08
      5 : Navigation Menu Items06:19
      6 : Navigation Menu Important Considerations03:39
      7 : Salesforce1 Offline04:22
      8 : Actions03:55
      9 : Action Hands On04:09
      10 : Predefine Field Values in Action01:55
      11 : Salesforce1 Branding02:31
    Section 2 - Build a Salesforce1 Application using Flow and Lightning App Builder
        12 : Introduction to Flow and Lightning App Builder02:26
        13 : Flow Designer03:01
        14 : Designing the First Screen04:19
        15 : Inserting Record and Getting back Id in Flow03:32
        16 : Fast Lookup03:36
        17 : Trigger Email from Flow04:32
        18 : Capture Fault Message02:17
        19 : Testing the Application as End User01:24
        20 : Activating the Flow01:36
        21 : Embedding Flow in VF Page01:51
        22 : Lightning App Builder and Deploy the App to Salesforce104:10


Instructor :

Prateek Singh


Prateek is a Salesforce Certified Developer, Web Designer, Consultant and Trainer with more than 8 years of Industry Experience. He has more than 6 years of experience in working with and training in Salesforce. He has worked in various verticals of the industry and has great experience in Cloud Computing, Graphic Designing, and Web Designing. After pursuing a career as a corporate and private trainer, running a successful Youtube channel, he decided to teach online.

Prateek ensures that he maintains simplicity even when explaining complex topics. His videos are short, engaging and to the point. Since the learner is his primary focus, he creates every video tutorial with passion, pouring in all his expertise.


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