Mastering Certified Scrum Product Owner Concepts


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Course Summary :

Welcome to  " Mastering Certified Scrum Product Owner Concepts" from Niranjan.

"Agile is an alternative methodology to traditional development and is used in a wide range of applications".

In this course learn, product management,  product vision, how to convert vision to road map and detailed requirements, how to prfioritize them, how to estimate them etc.   You will also learn about user stories, estimation techniques along with real world examples. 

This exclusive  course is good start in through understanding of product owner concepts and getting ready to crack "certified scrum product owner" certification. .

Pre-Requisites :

Nothing specific, but you should be interested in project delivery or management and working within some type of project using Agile practices. You are interested in improving or mastering agile practices specially in managing product by learning through industry expert You will need to be an individual trying to improve either your own performance as a scrum master, product owner or development team member or of related teams

Target Audience :

Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Development Team Members, Project Managers Anyone who wants a complete overview of what product owner does Someone preparing to for Certified Scrum Product Owner certification A candidate who wants a quick understating of t

Curriculum :

Section 1 - Mastering Certified Scrum Product Owner Concepts
      1 : Scrum Basics-Part 1
      2 : Scrum Basics-Part 2
      3 : Product Vision
      4 : Product Backlog Prioritization
      5 : Product Backlog-Part 1
      6 : Product Backlog-Part 2
      7 : Estimation-User Story(Part 1)
      8 : Estimation-User Story(Part 2)
      9 : Estimation-Story Points (Part 3)
      10 : Estimation-Methods
      11 : Estimation Planning
      12 : Release Management
      13 : Product Owner (PO) Role


Instructor :

Niranjan Nerlige V


Niranjan N V, is the founder of Exelplus with over 17 years of professional experience and 4.5 years as an Independent Consultant, Coach and Trainer in Agile-Scrum, Lean- Agile, Scaled Agile Practices, SAFe Framework, XP, Kanban and Software Estimation. Niranjan's journey in Agile began in 2008, while working as a Process Excellence Manager in Symphony Services. During his professional experience, he has implemented Agile and Traditional projects management process, designed and conducted several trainings. He had played key role in Philips Software, to reach CMM Level 5 while he was a Quality Head for Philips Health Care Division. He Coached, Trained Informatica (ILM Division) for global adoption of Agile in USA and India. He has extensive implementation and training experience in Agile-Scrum, Distributed Agile and Scaling Agile at Enterprise Level, Function Point based Productivity framework Design and Measurement. He has been Consultant to IT as well as Non IT Companies in these areas in India as well as Overseas. Niranjan has trained more than 2000 Participants and 45 Plus Organizations after he became Independent Consultant and Trainer. Niranjan is one of the founders of Agile Leadership Network, Bangalore Chapter. He has published and presented papers in International Conferences, moderated Agile Best Practices Sessions, delivered talks in webinars on topics related to Agile Methodologies, Scrum, Scaked Agile Practices and holds following Certifications in Agile. 1) Certified Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Program Consultant - SPC4 2) Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) 3) Certified Scrum Master (CSM) 4) Certified Scrum Practitioner (CSP)


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Sampita Dey

posted 4 month before

Short, Crisp and to the point course

The course is very good as it is short and to the point giving exactly those details which is practically used or required in any Agile Project. there are no useless time-wasting jargon present just to lengthen the course duration.