Teach Online & Earn Money - Get Recognized with Unanth


Why should I teach online?

  • elearning market is over USD 50 Billion and growing 12-18%. Docebo 2014-16 report.
  • Continuous eduction is considered as a strategic move by corporations world wide. Majority of them choose elearning to implement this.
  • Growing mobile usage and increasing broadband speeds fueling elearning growth
  • Learners want flexible timings to suit their lifestyle

Why should I teach at Unanth?

  • World class, free platform for online teaching
  • Ever increating, huge student base.
  • Earn upto 100% of sales
  • Best 1-1 support to tutors

How to Get Started

  • Decide the topic you want to teach, The subject you have passion.
  • Note down the title, course outline, content etc
  • Convert your material to videos & publish them in Unanth.
  • Promote your course
  • Contact us at teach@unanth.com for more 1-1 help.

What will it cost me?

  • free. As a tutor you can publish as many courses you want.
  • You can publish either free or paid courses. You can start by offering your course free and then convert to paid course later. After all its your course.
  • There are many free tools to convert your course material to videos. Unanth helps you in this regard.

Who owns the content?

  • You. Its your hardwork, so you own the content. You can decide the price of the course.
  • We have world class, cloud based, secured infrastructure. So your course material is safe and secure.