Unanth Deals Programs Terms & Conditions

Unanth Deals Programs Terms & Conditions

Marketing programs on Unanth.com includes, but not limited to, Deals and Paid advertising promotions, and affiliate programs. The amounts paid for marketing programs are not fixed, and Unanth reserves the discretion to determine those amounts and the courses to offer as part of our marketing program. Further, Unanth does not guarantee any minimum level of success in connection with any marketing programs. The courses to include in the marketing program are not an endorsement of those courses, or of the instructor/you. If you agree to participate in the Unanth marketing programs, Unanth reserves the right to share the course information, your information and the course with Unanth employees and selected partners, for which you will not receive any compensation. You are free to opt out of Unanth marketing programs by logging into your accounts.

Allowing Unanth to run Paid advertising on your course

Unanth employs paid advertising to increase the overall traffic on the site and to your course. We recommend that you include your course in our Paid Advertising program. Being a part of our paid advertising is a great way to increase the overall exposure to your course and sales.

Through the Paid Advertising Program, Unanth may purchase and place advertisements for Your Course on third party websites, and will track the resulting sales through appropriate means. Participating in Unanth paid advertising is completely free for tutors and would allow you to expand your overall course exposure. All sales resulting from Unanth paid advertising are subject to the revenue allocation rules as set forth in the "Paid Course Terms and Conditions".

Unanth Deals Program: Targeted price testing to drive course sales

Unanth Deals Program utilizes various price-testing methods but not limited to discounting via email and other channels designed to price test and find the optimal price for any course(s). Typical deals offered under this program include both Fixed-Percentage Promotions (e.g., 50% off), and Fixed-Price Promotions (e.g., $10, $19 or $29 deals). You agree that the method used at a certain time is determined solely by Unanth team.

Unanth Deals Programs Terms & Conditions:

Deals program offers may be promoted through our site unanth.com, or third party websites. Deals program offers are typically available for less than a month, but the actual duration and amount discounted may vary. Unanth reserves the right to extend the deal beyond a month if our team believes that it offers a benefit to the overall sales of the course.

Unanth deals programs can be either

  • Fixed-Percentage promotions: In fixed-Percentage Promotions, you agree that Unanth team may offer your course(s) in limited time deals and price tests for a discount of up to and including 75% off the retail price that is set by you for that course.
  • Fixed-Price promotions: In Fixed-Price promotions, you agree that Unanth team may offer your course(s) in limited time deals and price tests for a fixed price that will be less than the retail price that you set, but will not fall below $10. Unlike Fixed-Percentage promotions, the fixed price may represent a discount exceeding 75% depending on the retail price that you set

By participating in the Deals Program, you acknowledge that your revenue share may vary and will increase as you involve actively in promoting your courses. Unanth offers tutors to opt out of the deals program any time by going into your course settings however such changes will only be applicable 45 days after the day the change was initiated.